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Lubrication mix-up

Posted by Ralf Weiser on Wed, Mar 31, 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Is it not amazing how many different lubricants there are in a industrial or even a municipal waste water treatment plant?  At the outset the problem is not all that challenging.  Lubrication or maintenance managers usually start by compiling a complete list of machines and the lubricants they need as per their respective operation manuals.  So far, so good.  Than it starts to get complicated, because maintenance techs, operations people or lubrication crews need to do the actual work and more often than we realize they need to make their own mental notes to remind themselves which machines takes what lubricant.  Sometimes people use permanent markers or other devices and leave themselves scribble notes directly on the machines themselves.  How many times has that caused any machinery trouble at your plant? 

There are many solutions that can help avert such issues.  One effective one comes from the Lean Manufacturing program called 5S in which - among other important aspects - lets you sort and mark all items you need to do your job with.  This is perfect for lubricants.  Visual signals such as color coding bins, drums and cans and using the same colors on markings on the actual equipment will make anyone's life a lot easier and also help you reach the maximum service life of your equipment. 

Kick it up a notch with making a list of the lubricant, where it goes, how often it needs to be changed and checked and how much you need on a label of suitable size and then laminate it.  Post it next or on the machines and voila, you are on the way to using best practices in the industry.  Track your success though as most managers tend to overlook when things are going well. 

Aerzen USA offers a built-in benefit when it ships products to their final destinations.  All standard air and neutral gas machines are shipped with a Polyalphaolefin oil from one of the premium brands in North America.  It is fully synthetic and there is only one brand and a total of one standard viscosity class for each blower and compressor.  The end user does not have to scramble for oil at start up, but the lubrication expert on site has some time to place the machine on his lube oil chart and can even take time to color code it and place a laminated sign on it. 

Does this help you make your working life easier?  As always, I am looking for your feedback. 

Ralf Weiser - Aerzen USA Technical Manager

Ralf Weiser
Aerzen USA Technical Manager

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