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Real-time Condition Monitoring For Blowers And Compressors

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The Aerzen iAir Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is a comprehensive monitor that can be attached to any blower or compressor to capture real-time activities and conditions. Based on industrial cellular technology, the RMS can function in any location with cellphone coverage for both indoor and outdoor applications. The system is easily installed and linked directly to your cell phone for up-to-the-minute condition reports and notifications. This allows for peace of mind and troubleshooting when you are not accessible to the equipment.

Aerzen iAir Remote Monitoring System

Perfect for independent installations with no on-site maintenance personnel.List of applications:
 Remote terminals for Cement processing
Critical blower or compressor installations
High value equipment performance monitoring
Root cause analysis & system

 Note: Unit is not rated for use in hazardous zones.

Monitor operational data and parameters:
Inlet & discharge pressure/ temperatures
Oil level, pressure & temperatures
System pressure, RPM & overall vibration
Electric load and more

Equipment monitoring and full reporting analysis from any location

 The iAir Remote System reviews the actual usage of the equipment and sends alerts and reminders via text or email directly to the user. Log on anytime for a real-time report to make maintenance and emergencies more manageable.
Call A Remote Monitoring Specialist To Discuss Your Application: 877-673-0499

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