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More pressure for Aerzen Process Gas Compressors

Posted by Pierre Noack on Thu, Mar 21, 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Due to a new bearing and shaft design it is possible to increase the maximum admissible differential pressures to 25 bar in the process gas compressors VRa 236 H and VRa 336 H. Thus, with a multi-stage unit discharge pressures of up to 53 bar abs. can be reached.

Considerable cost savings and reductions in space usage are possible as higher pressures with fewer individual compressors and corresponding accessories can now be achieved. Moreover, the new types of the H-variant can ideally be used for pre-compressions. Customers in the chemical, petrochemical and processing technology industries can select the compressor unit optimally for their needs from one of the most extensive ranges available. Particularly in the case of multi-stage applications there are ideal combination possibilities which also offer advantages in volume control. With a total of 20 compressor stages, the Aerzen process gas machines cover intake volume flows of from 550 up to 120,00 cubic metres per hour.

Aerzen Process Gas Compressor Stage


One of the new process gas compressors with a view of its inner workings


Practically all gases are compressed, if contaminated, polymerised, supplied with liquids or with low molecular weight. In the case of single-stage compression, differential pressures of between 7.12 and now also 25 bar but also vacuums smaller Pe up to 0.9 bar can be realized.


The Aerzen Process Gas Compressors consist of an extensive modular system which can fulfill many different requirements using special and individually designed units. Building regulations and specifications of various industrial branches and inspection companies such as API or works standards are considered customer-specific. For adaptation to many different situations, process gas rotors can be selected in steel or stainless steel and housed in a nodular iron, steel or stainless steel casting.

The Aerzen modular system offers carbon labyrinth as well as oil-and gas-purged mechanical seals for the sealing of the conveying chamber, which can be selected without modification of the housing design. The same applies to most of the different driving methods. Whether direct drive, drive via an intermediate gear, or by electric motors or by steam turbines, the application of proven components ensures maximum possible safety and reliability.

The successful process gas compressors VRa of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH have been extended by new sizes. The innovative types VRa 236 H and VRa 336 H supplement the compressor series in the lower volume flow range of from 750 to 2,800 cubic
metres per hour.



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