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An Engineer's Mini-Guide To Blower Technology Selection

Posted by Ralph Wilton on Mon, Oct 22, 2012 @ 03:35 PM

Turbo Blowers. Positive Displacement Blowers. Hybrid Rotary Lobe Blowers. Which one should you choose for your wastewater treatement application? How much energy can you really save? Who can you trust to give you an objective answer? The best place to start is by downloading the Engineer's Mini-Guide To Blower Technology Selection.

In the mini-guide there is a quick, five step process that will lead you to the best technology for your needs.

  • Step One:  Takes you through a brief "Life Cycle Evaluation"
  • Step Two: A look at Pressure Differential
  • Step Three: Duty Variables
  • Step Four: Right Sizing Of Individual Blowers
  • Step Five: Representative Energy Use Calculations

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Aerzen, turbo blower, pd blower

A simple table is presented at the end of the guide for you to add-in specific information for your application. There is contact information listed if you need to speak to an Application Specialist for assistance as well.

This quick - two page pdf makes it easy and effective to determine which blower technology you should consider. Turbo Blowers. Hybrid Blowers. PD blowers.

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Want to get even more energy efficiency? Talk to an Application Specialist about COMBINING a Hybrid Blower with a Turbo Blower.


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